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Escort Category SILVER
Available in Worldwide
Age early 20's
Height 166 cm
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
BH-Cup 75B
Dress 34
Weight 53 kg
Smoking Tolerant Nonsmoker
Cuisine Almost anything
Drinks Cocktails, Wine, Prosecco
Parfüm Hypnotic Poison, Candy
Flowers Tulips
Interests Travel, sports, tailoring, dancing
Language German, English, Italian
Characteristics loving, diverse, funny, natural

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What excites you about the escort business?

Learn new things, meet interesting people, sexual experiences.

Your motto in life?

Enjoy life.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

A lot of sports, going out with friends, be creative, enjoy life, travel, discover new things.

Describe yourself in three words

loving, humorous, diverse.

Two compliments that you hear often? And which one means more to you?

That I am pretty and friendly and that I seem very interesting to others..

What is really important in life to you?

To be happy and be with my Family.