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First, a few facts about Frankfurt: The largest city of Hessen has about 690,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area and throughout the metropolitan center more than two million inhabitants. The extravagant Models of High Class Escorts Frankfurt are just waiting to make interesting male acquaintances and explore the city. If you are unsure how to decide, which Model is the perfect match for you, you can use our Escort Service Frankfurt at any time and we are grateful to help you with your choice. First, however, you can take a look at our website and take a sneakpeak at our Models. There you will find all High Class Escorts  Frankfurt  girls and of course all girls from other cities, which reveal a small profile with details about theirselves. Of course, there are also images of the Escorts Frankfurt Models, so that you can choose the right woman according to your wishes. Nevertheless, if you need some advice for a proper choice, you can always contact the customer Service of High Class Escorts Frankfurt, because the customers is always our first priority.

Once you have found the right Escort Agency Frankfurt Lady, you can already start exploring the city. Visit a nice restaurant, because as international and down to earth as the city itself, is also the kitchen. Even shopping cravings can be fully satisfied because the Zeil, is one of the busiest shopping streets in the Republic. After the shopping tour, you can take a walk on the river Main and take a break from everyday life, before heading towards nightlife. To complete the successful day, you and your Escort  Service Frankfurt Lady could end up in a high class luxury hotel. Since we know the needs and desires of our clientele exactly, we have already picked out a few recommendations for you and your Escort Service Frankfurt .

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Luxury Hotel with your High Class Escorts  Frankfurt

Villa Kennedy / Kennedyallee 70 / 60596 Frankfurt

Located in the heart of Frankfurt, the extremely elegant Hotel Villa Kennedy is at home. Originally built as a magnificent family home over 100 years ago, the property has been restored and expanded over time with the utmost care. Today, it is the perfect place to check in with your High Class Escorts Frankfurt  and experience the blend of modern elegance and antique aesthetic. Details adorn this building and so you can enjoy unique ceiling moldings and original stairs of oak.
Three new areas are matching perfect with the old Villa Speyer. There is a quiet garden, which is located central, where you and your Escort Service Frankfurt  can enjoy a wonderful dinner or drinks under the open sky. The location of the hotel is exquisite: It's right on the Main and close to the many museums, the most popular bars, boutiques and cultural attractions.

telefon: 069 7171 20


Jumeirah / Thurn-and-Taxis-Platz 2 / 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Take a break and spend a few nice hours together in the Jumeirah Luxushotel in the heart of Frankfurt. This Luxushotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind. All rooms and suites of the Jumeirah are elegantly and stylishly furnished and technically at the most modern standard. The in-house wellness area Talise invites you and her High Class Escort Service  Frankfurt . On more than 400 square meters is here a true wellness oasis. Visit one of the two saunas and the rest area together with her escort model. In addition, you can book a Partnermassage, for example. A massage is eroticizing and is the perfect match for an exciting night with her escort lady. The Jumeirah Luxushotel is one of our VIP recommendations in Frankfurt.

Telephone: 069 2972370

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Gourmet Restaurant with Your Escort Service  Frankfurt

Carmelo Greco / Ziegelhüttenweg 1-3 / 60598 Frankfurt

Located in the trendy district of Sachsenhausen you and your Escort Service  Frankfurt  are welcomed to the exclusive restaurant Carmelo Greco. The special and creative Italian cuisine offers guests always the best. The selection consists of only fresh and recent products and the card constantly changes, depending on market conditions.

In addition to the à la carte dishes you can have a memorable menu in the evening or enjoy the famous business lunch, a choice of two or three courses, with your Escort Frankfurt Model. The wine list is very impressive. A huge selection of white and red wines from Italy, bring out a huge amazement.
Here culinary dreams can come true for you and your Escorts Frankfurt  companion.

hours of opening: Monday until Friday from 12:00 - 14:00 h and Saturday from 18:30 - 22:00 h
telefon: 069 606 089 67


Sevres / Grandhotel Hessischer Hof / Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40 / 60325 Frankfurt am Main

The exceptional name of this restaurant is due to porcelain from the manufactory in Sevres near Paris. Here you and your Escorts  Frankfurt can be enchanted by the exclusive ambience. The decor of the gourmet restaurant is truly spectacular. The exquisite feuillet porcelain in the style of the Empire from one of the most important European manufactories in Sevres serves the restaurant as an extraordinary and exquisite backdrop.
Just as spectacular as it is, of course, with the menu. The Sevres is finally one of the city's first addresses for gourmets and gourmets. Chef Roland Füssel creates a modern, light and refined kitchen for his guests. He uses only regional and fresh ingredients. He then mastered impressive compositions, inspired by South American, Asian and classic European cuisine. The High Class Escorts  Frankfurt wishes you and her model: Bon Appetit!

Opening hours: Daily from 6:30 am to 11:00 am, 12 noon to 2 pm and 6.30 pm to 10 pm

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Shopping with your Vip Escorts  Frankfurt

MyZeil / Zeil 106 / 60313 Frankfurt am Main

"NEXT LEVEL SHOPPING" - That is the concept of the multi-brand center "My Zeil", which just opened in 2009 and it's name says it all. Surrounded by the famous Zeil shopping street, one of the largest shopping and leisure parks in Germany is located and leaves nothing to be desired for you and your  Vip Escorts Frankfurt . 
Particularly eye-catching is the extraordinary architecture of the shopping palace, where, with 42 meters, the longest internal self-supporting escalator in Europe, the so-called Expressway, is located. On a total of eight levels, there are not only shopping opportunities, which can be explored with your Escort  Service Frankfurt  there are also plenty of spots, where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Beside several brand labels, there are a lot of restaurant available.

hours of opening: usually Monday until Wednesday from 10:00 - 20:00 h / Thursday until Saturday from 10:00 - 21:00 h

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Nightlife with your Escort Agency  Frankfurt

Sky Club Frankfurt / Düsseldorfer Straße 1 - 7 / 60329 Frankfurt

Only a few minutes walk from the central railway station, the financial district and from the exhibition center, the exclusive Sky Club opens their gates every weekend for you and your Escort Agency  Frankfurt . Since you are already in the company of a charming woman, this noble club is the right address for a small nightlife adventure.
Turn the night into day and dance all night long to the best music - on Fridays to hot disco beats and on Saturdays to black music at its finest.
The interior design is also very eye-catching: The stylish decor in combination with a technical equipment that is unrivaled give the Sky Club a very special atmosphere.

hours of opening: Friday and Saturday from 23:00 - 05:00 h
telefon: 069 25 66 78 22


Frankfurt experience – learning you know Hessen with HIGH CLASS ESCORTS FRANKFURT


With the company in Frankfurt you can get to know Hessen and you will love it. Since with Escort Service  Frankfurt there are not only tasty small sausages and important banks, no there is also the best accompanying Escorts  Frankfurt. And this service has it in itself. End with the lonesome times is limited, they never again need to be alone if you plan a fair visit with Escort Agency  Frankfurt once more. No matter whether on the fair as an elegant accompanying lady or in the evening on the hotel rooms. With the Escorts  Frankfurt all her dreams become true. Even if you yourselves have still found no woman of dreams, this are FRANKFURT verifies men dreams.

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Woman of dreams from Vip Escorts  Frankfurt shows you the town

They can count blind on the woman of dreams from High Class Escorts  Frankfurt and, besides, all her wishes allow to flow in. Do they long for an entertainment or to feel you also physical nearness? The agency in Frankfurt holds for you the nicest women of dreams ready whom really no man can still resist. In good weather you can also consider a walk in the palm garden from VIP ESCORTS Frankfurt and enjoy the plants variety. However, in the Frankfurt city centre you can also have a good time with your LUXURY ESCORTS Frankfurt with a town guidance.


Halloween in Frankfurt with the High Class Escorts Frankfurt experience

The autumn is the time when the American Halloween party is back in Germany. The High Class Escorts Frankfurt is also looking forward to this special day. Many events from the Live Room Escape to the creepy after-migration is all there. You can experience these events directly in Frankfurt. Alone creep and celebration should not! The VIP Escort Service Frankfurt provides you with an excellent accompaniment at your side for the gruesome time.

Creep in Frankfurt with the Escorts Frankfurt

What would you like to do on Halloween? Frankfurt offers a wide range of events and events for you and your company. How about a nightlighting in the torchlight over the main cemetery. Creepy humor comes here by itself. Or experience Frankfurt as a city of horror. In the streets and streets, ghosts and zombies will hide. Enjoy the day when the undead rise above the living. With an accompaniment, the spit is half as bad. At the High Class Escorts Frankfurt you can book a suitable escort for the night of ghosts and ghosts. Let yourself be convinced by the rich offer of the ladies. Frankfurt at night does the rest!


Cooking classes in togetherness with an Escort Service  Frankfurt enjoy

Would you like to spoil yourself? Cooking is your passion? As a master at the stove, you certainly do not want to cook alone or consume the food alone. Why not book the perfect cooking guide. The Deluxe Escort Service  Frankfurt offers the perfect accompaniment to the next cooking course. With a nice and clever lady at her side, you have the possibility to make the culinary masterpiece even more exclusive.

Escorts Frankfurt for a meal for two

A cooking course that meets your requirements is always found in Frankfurt. In addition to the numerous sushi cooking courses are also some exclusive courses with Starköchen distributed throughout the year. If you would like to improve your culinary skills, then visit a cooking course in Frankfurt. Let yourself be carried away in the art of delicacies with a nice lady at your side. The escort Frankfurt has for these events the right lady in the file, which shares your passion for cooking. Would you like to attend a cooking course? Then contact Escort Frankfurt. Here, not only the  High Class Escorts  Frankfurt are available, but the Escort Service Frankurt  offers you special services. We will gladly book a course for you in a cooking course.

Deluxe Escort Service  Frankfurt: The perfect companion for any occasion

The Deluxe Escortservice Frankfurt provides the accompaniment for every occasion. Whether it is cooking classes or eating together, the High Class Escorts  Frankfurt are always open for an evening or an afternoon. Together with our service you can enjoy an unforgettable stay in Frankfurt. Let yourself be inspired by the city and its feminine beauties. We promise you will not find a better accompaniment for a visit to the metropolis Frankfurt. Visit the Vip  Escorts Frankfurt and look for an hourly escort. Of course the Escort Service Frankfurt are also available for an overnight stay or a weekend.


High Class Escorts Frankfurt: Enjoy the Maintower as an excursion destination

Are you visiting Frankfurt? Then you should bring a lot of time, because the city can offer some special attractions and the escort service Frankfurt. The city is famous for its economic importance, but also because of the numerous skyscrapers. These offer the city not only a unique and for Germany still unusual picture, but are partly also declared as a landmark. The skyscrapers are always worth seeing, because they seem to touch the sky.

As a special highlight, we recommend you visit the Maintower. The 240-meter-high building offers a viewing platform that offers a unique view of the city. Together with your ,Lady  you can take a look and enjoy the amenities of the Tower. We would be happy to book an appointment for you and a meal afterwards. Let an escort guide in Frankfurt enchant you! The escort ladies of the high class escorts Frankfurt know each other well and show you the closer sights. Including the well-known skyscrapers, which today offer sightseeing. There you can see the city together and let the evening or the day end.

Highlights of the city with High Class  Escort in Frankfurt experience

A booking of the ladies of the escort agency frankfurt Victoria Models is always open to you. You have the option to choose the ladies according to your own taste. If you prefer women with blond hair, the VIP Escorts  Frankfurt offers you the appropriate accompaniment. Do you attach importance to cultural education or literature literacy? Then there are also accompaniments in the index for these special wishes.

Like the high-rise buildings, the ladies of the par time  in Frankfurt, the city for residents and visitors. Discover Frankfurt, accompanied by a nice and sophisticated lady, who will bring you the highlights of the city. Do not let yourself be driven alone by the crowds of people in the Frankfurt city center, but make sure you have enough entertainment with the your  service in Frankfurt.