Enjoy a beautiful car exhibit with the escort agency

"British way of life" meets Bavarian ambience in Munich


Do you think you´re a person who buys a car not only for practical reasons, but also as a symbol for your lifestyle and habits? Then you may take a closer look at munich, Germany this winter: At november 28th there is the grand opening of the beautiful MINI story´s exhibition, located in the well-known BMW museum. So the motto of this exhibition is "Britishness" and it actually delivers an important part of British lifestyle to munich. The exhibition can be visited until 31st of January, 2016 and it´s opening day will be celebrated with a big party. Visitors should be excited, not only concerning over 30 original vehicles, concept cars and various small exhibits, but also in view of the entire framework programme that evening. In addition to a dj, who cares for the background music, there are numerous artistic acts evenly spread throughout the whole compound, which ensures that there´s no time for boring moments. Meanwhile, the visitors shall feel comfortable to refresh themselves with a drink or a small snack at the bar. Enjoy this event with the Escort agency.

 And last but not least, there is a special event within the event: "The Rifles" from london do their own to create a unique British atmosphere, cheering up the crowd with typical indie-rock. Enjoy the atmosphere and don´t hesitate to ask the crew about MINI´s exciting history. And maybe there´s a vehicle you will really be interested in ..Who knows?


Beautyful impressions in combination with a beautyful escort


Even the name "munich" might let you think about fast vehicles, noble restaurants and especially great tourist attractions, so are the "Frauenkirche", the "Hofbräuhaus", which every visitor should have seen alongside a couple of other nice impressions, entirely embedded in the great bavarian hospitality.  Munich is not just a random town beside many others, it´s the exclusive capital of Bavaria, and that fact becomes obvious when you take a look over the rooftops, the majestic Alps in the background. Because of that, you should be accurate concerning the choice of your escort, so treat yourself to something special: Our escorts munich ladies are the very best choice for you, not only because of their viridity, but also in view of their cultivated behaviour, which makes a good impression also to other people around you.


Discover and enjoy culture

So, with the right escort you can enjoy munich and its impressions twice. At a sightseeing trip for example, or a walk through the famous Christkindlmakt, a traditional event throughout november and december. Or may it be a proper dinner alongside a good beer in one of the numerous brewhouses? Say hello to "Patrona Bavaria" at Marienplatz, which by the way is the centre of munich and starting point of several city trips. Well, our next station is the Stachus and a visit in the well-known "Hofbräuhaus". If you´re done with this part of your trip, there are several other attractions waiting for you to come. The Bavaria movie exhibition for example, where you can marvel at a lot of movie requisites, together with your escort munich lady. Looking for a quiet place to relax, a visit of the English garden may be helpful, which invites you for a long walk in the nature. Now it´s time for something really special: Take your escort munich lady and go to the Bavarian state theatre, which has a long interesting history and a great repertoire of acts.


Experience nightlife in Munich 

And if this kind of evening programme doesn´t fit to your list of interesting activities, it doenst matter. There are a lot of specific culinaric offers in munich, from german/bavarian up to chinese or vietnamese cuisine. We especially recommend to you the "Nymphenberger Hof", seasonal food from germany and austria is combined with great atmosphere and an excellent repertoire of vines. Not already tired yet? Then we have a special clubbing advice for you: The "Baby" club is heavily discussed throughout the citizens for the reason that not everyone can pass the doorman. The postive fact is that all guests can feel relaxed in a luxurious, special atmosphere. And you don´t have to fear big crowds of people on the dancefloor...


Reside like an Earl 

Whatever your trip to munich looks like, we are sure that you need a comfortable suite after a hard day. The Mandarin Oriental munich is built in the centre of the town and offers an exotic, oriental touch: 48 guestrooms und 25 suits assure the right accommodation for you. Enjoy the great skyline of munich on the roofdeck and after all enjoy a luxurious meal in the hotel restaurant, which was rewarded with a michelin star for its cuisine.


Some secretly kept sightseeing advices 

1. Marien plaza and townhall -Town´s centre and starting point of any citytrip
2. Wiener plaza - Noble environment for a shoppingtrip
3. First "Wienerwald" - Back to the roots of a famous german restaurant-chain 
4. Garden of poets -  secret oasis of calm, away from the hustle and bustle
5. Oldest cinema of the world - Discover cinematic history
6. Restaurant No Mi Ya - Brilliant and delicious combination of japanese and bavarian cuisine 
7. Elisabeth market - If you prefer a calm setting for shopping, then you should visit this market in Schwabing
8. Pasinger´s factory - Enjoy exhibitions, theatre und music in Pasing
9. Hofbräuhaus - A must-see in munich
10. Löwenbräukeller - tradition and hospitality are the main rules here