Booking a High Class Escorts Dusseldorf is perfectly legal

Although we have a particularly good FAQ page at Victoria Models Escort, there are some questions that require a little more thought and attention. This is one of the really most frequently asked questions in our escort business. It's not really a question that customers ask us personally, but we know they've asked themselves this question before. You also look for answers to this question online and usually come across a lot of technical jargon and uncertainty, but we as the Escortagency Dusseldorf can of course help you there and make a suitable statement.

Allow us to tell you that booking the Escorts Dusseldorf is perfectly legal. In fact, it's legal everywhere in Germany and many other European countries.

Common misunderstandings and what the Escortservice Dusseldorf advises you to do

The problem is that people tend to confuse escort with prostitution. These are two completely different matters. You are of course free to have your own thoughts and opinions on this, but we maintain that escort is not prostitution. Prostitution is officially described as follows:

"...the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, generally with someone who is not a spouse or friend, for immediate payment in money or other valuables..."

Some of you might also think this is an accurate description of an escortgirl Dusseldorf, but we disagree. The Dusseldorf escorts who advertise with us, and so many other agencies in Germany and Europe, do not sell “random sexual activity” to their clients. They advertise their time. In most cases (and certainly with Victoria Models Escort) it is made clear that the payment for Escortservice Dusseldorf is only for the time of the escort. Unlike a prostitute, no promises or guarantees are made that sexual acts will take place. Whether they do it or not is entirely up to those involved. Regardless of what some would argue as the obvious implications, this is literally NOT on the menu, gentleman.

The difference between a prostitute and the escorts Dusseldorf

Let's consider this in relation to prostitution. Or at least as we as Highclass Escorts Dusseldorf define prostitution. First of all, a prostitute is someone who we believe explicitly offers sexual services for an agreed upon fee, nothing more nothing less. We talk about the kind of girls you would approach on the street and suggestions you would expect a price on in terms of the sexual acts she would do to you, herself and on the spot. Of course, there are numerous other examples, but the commonality would be that the purchase of sexual services is made clear from the start.

There is usually no gray area in such a transaction. And it's not at all the same as booking a girl from an escort agency. For example, if you call Victoria Models escort agency, we will not go into detail with you about what you would like to do with your escort. We act as the agent of the Escorts Dusseldorf and book time slots with her based on her availability and ability. She is also free to refuse any booking she wishes. We have no control over the escort girls we represent and they are free to advertise with us as they please. They simply send us their pictures, their data and ask us to clarify bookings for them. We advertise and promote them and let our customers know that these girls are available. That's all we do.

Put simply, a Dusseldorf escort is a companion that you hire and pay for her alone time. This can have various reasons that you alone know. Maybe you want a date for an event or just a dinner companion. Or maybe you just want to hang out with her for an hour or two. An escort Dusseldorf is not obligated or in any way obliged to have sex with her client.

Let's look at what is illegal and how the VIP Escort Dusseldorf can help you

Prostitution is legal in Germany and Europe anyway, so if these girls we represent were posing as prostitutes themselves, they wouldn't do anything wrong. However, there are some instances where people break the law, regardless of whether they want to call themselves a High Class Escorts Dusseldorf or a prostitute. It can help to check exactly what is illegal in escort or prostitution. We are sure you will find that the following are more associated with what is commonly referred to as a prostitute rather than an escort:

Advertising in phone booths
Guests curb crawling or approaching others in public to ask for sex (aka propositioning)
Allowing a property to be used as a brothel
Forcing or manipulating someone to sell sexual services for profit. This can include threats, coercion, deception, etc. including human trafficking, which is absolutely incredible.


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