Enjoy the heat wave with the High Class Escorts Cologne

It's hot in Cologne! It's just insanely hot! But our escorts cologne are also so hot, right? So you are considering whether you should have a visit from one of our selected high-class escorts in this heat. The quick and easy answer is yes, of course you should. Don't be put off by the weather. And we'll tell you why.

Hot, hotter, hottest with the VIP Escorts Cologne

Our VIP escorts in Cologne have always been the best and most of you gentlemen know that by now. This means that they will do everything to ensure your comfort during your stay with them to create an evening you will not soon forget. They always have refreshments ready for you in every way and you should take full advantage of this and stay hydrated. This is the kind of escort service Cologne after which you need an ice-cold shower afterwards. You don't have to worry, your escorts Cologne will quickly warm you up a bit when you're done - if you want to ;-)

Late-night bookings with the Escortagency Cologne

If you have the opportunity to book an escort later in the evening or in the middle of the night, now would be a good time to do so. We have escorts at Victoria Models Escort 24 hours a day and the best time to book girls in a heat wave is in the middle of the night when it's cooler. Think about it, both you and your escort will be a lot cooler, and these girls are highly professional and versatile, and used to late-night bookings - a date that's totally out of the norm and a whole lot of late-night fun with them brings. Fun with a hot VIP escort and then go to sleep in the cool. Fantastic!

Caution is better than night vision, but not when your girl of the escorts cologne is with you

Seriously gentlemen, we just want to remind you of a few things to do in this weather. If you're an avid Victoria Models escort booker in Cologne, you won't let that stop you from booking the girls in the middle of a heat wave. In fact, nothing would stop you. But there are measures you can take to ensure that you stay fit and healthy in such weather to enjoy your date with one of our Cologne escorts even more.

Pay attention to sensible clothing. If you work in an office here in Cologne, try to make your suit and tie combination a bit more weather-friendly. Avoid wearing tight or even restrictive clothing, wear something that allows airflow and is rather loose and fuzzy. Not to mention that nobody needs a tie in this heat! Unless you plan to play a few games with your High Class Escort Cologne.

Light colors are always best to stave off the heat and try to avoid black - not only is it not summery it is very warm.

Get a hat! You may not think you're a hat person, but few are. However, that is not the point. It doesn't matter what you really look like, but if you're worried, go online and look for a panama hat or something similar. These hats are light and do a great job of keeping the sun off your head. Very important if you are bald or have very short hair. So you keep a cool head even with the hottest escort Cologne.

We shouldn't have to say it, but we will anyway. Drink enough! This is especially important if you are traveling anywhere in Cologne by subway.

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